Own your shit, Tumblr users. I occasionally click through to the people that like or comment on posts and I see a lot of “here’s my shitty drawings” or “I made this awful music” and so on. Stop it. You made that shit, you’re probably into that shit, be into that shit. Don’t downplay the fact that you make stuff. Just make stuff! Make it and be into it and if people don’t like it, tell them to fuck off (or tell them that that’s OK, it’s not for them in the first place).

It’s OK to like the stuff you made! It’s even OK to want other people to like the stuff you made! Permission granted to be into yourself (if you need that)! Just… try not to become an egomaniac about that, I guess.

That’s my stupid opinion about it, anyway.



Anonymous asked:

What was your work ethic like when you were younger? How much did it contribute to where you are now?

jeffgerstmann answered:

I pushed a lot of people out of my life and was completely unable to sort out any sort of balance between work and life. Every time I started seeing anyone it’d take about a week for someone to come to me at work and say “hey, you’re slipping.” GameSpot had a way of making you feel totally insignificant and 100% replaceable, so it won out every time there was a fight between my personal life and my work.

It wasn’t until a handful of really great people started leaving (2005 or 2006-ish, I think) that I think the people around me realized that you couldn’t just burn people out and replace them with college kids forever. That was probably around the time I cemented my feelings on the issue, anyway. Management didn’t learn that lesson, I guess. Once I got fired it was a real eye-opener to see that people seemed to actually know who I was and that I wasn’t just some discarded piece of a machine.

Not a bad ego boost, I highly recommend it if you’re prone to self-worth issues.

Anyway, I’m now confident enough in my career to know that it won’t disappear if I turn away from it for a minute. The catch is finding something worth making room for.




Rosalina and I are proud to present to you Psybrid Theory: Linkin Park’s entire first album, gangnamfied for your listening pleasure!

"An ungodly creation never meant to exist, Kyun and Rosa have created something dangerous"
- Capakowski

We opp you enjoy this sexy new album; download it todeyyy, or listen to it on Youtube!

Mike! Mike, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Shinoda. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this!